PACT graphic for SpeakWrite SpeakWrite™ Certified Courses

     Courses that have been SpeakWrite™ certified by the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences foster effective communication skills by:
        • Emphasizing informal and formal modes of communication
        • Teaching discipline-specific communication techniques
        • Using a process-based approach to learning that provides opportunities for feedback and revision
        • Basing a substantial portion of the final grade on successful spoken and/or written performance 
        • Helping students become aware of four key questions that shape responses to many situations: 
          1. Purpose: What exactly do I want to happen as a result of this communication?
          2. Audience: Who is reading, listening, or viewing?
          3. Conventions: What is expected in this context?
          4. Trouble-Spots: What could get in the way of my goals?
    A list of certified courses can be downloaded as an Excel file (which will open in a new window).  The list will be updated regularly.  Simply check the file name for the date (e.g., 2017-3-13_SpeakWrite_Certified.xlsx is an Excel file updated on March 13, 2017).