The College’s SpeakWrite initiative helps students approach writing and speaking situations they encounter in their classes, in their work, and in their community by assessing four key questions:
SpeakWrite PACT 
  1. Purpose: What exactly do I want to happen?
  2. Audience: Who is reading, listening, or viewing?
  3. Conventions: What is expected in this context?
  4. Trouble spots: What could get in the way of my goals?


How will you organize and develop your ideas? How will you deliver them?


Check out these resources--and find more at the Writing Studio.
The SpeakWrite initiative is based on the following key principles.
  • Engagement.  When students speak and write purposefully and thoughtfully in their classes, they are ready to enter conversations in their fields and in their communities. They are developing a critical skill, valued by employers and society, that is a hallmark of an Arts and Sciences education.
  • Practice. Effective communication is a complex activity that cannot be mastered in a single course. It is the responsibility of the entire academic community. Students need practice conveying the knowledge they gain as they complete their majors.
  • Discipline-Specific Knowledge and Abilities. People write and speak with a particular purpose, to a particular audience, in a particular context, defined by particular conventions. Speaking and writing in the majors is most effectively guided by those with discipline-specific expertise.
Several Eberly College programs are SpeakWrite Certified.™ 
SpeakWrite Certified Programs incorporate and develop students' written, verbal, visual, and mediated communication skills in coursework across the curriculum. Students completing majors in SpeakWrite Certified Programs automatically fulfill the WVU General Education Foundations (GEF) writing and communication skills requirement.Students completing Eberly College programs that do not carry SpeakWrite Certification fulfill the writing and communication skills requirement by completing ENGL 101 and 102 (or 103), and a minimum of two additional program-designated SpeakWrite Certified courses.©