SpeakWrite Goals

SpeakWrite is an initiative of the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences designed to foster effective communication. Courses that seek to be SpeakWrite certified:
  • Emphasize informal and formal modes of communication
  • Teach discipline-specific communication techniques
  • Use a process-based approach to learning that provides opportunities for feedback and revision
  • Base a substantial portion of the final grade on successful spoken and/or written performance
  • Help students become aware of four key concepts that shape responses to many situations: purpose, audience, conventions, and trouble spots (PACT).
Note: If you are seeking SpeakWrite program certification, those instructions are on a separate page.
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SpeakWrite Course Approval Process 

Does your course already emphasize effective communication? Does at least a third of the course grade assess your students' abilities to speak or write effectively?  If so, consider submitting your course for SpeakWrite certification. [Note: Brand new courses will still need go through the usual Senate process for approval. Once a new course has Senate approval, departments can then apply for College-level designation as a SpeakWrite course.]

The approval process consists of two simple steps. Expect a response to your SpeakWrite course submission within 10-15 working days.

Step 1: Provide Brief Context in an Email to SpeakWrite@mail.wvu.edu.
  • SUBJECT LINE: The course name and number (e.g. ENGL 301 for SpeakWrite Certification)
  • QUESTION 1: Is the course intended for majors only or will it be available to students outside the major?
  • QUESTION 2: Who will teach the course?
  • QUESTION 3: What is the department-level plan for assuring all sections of the course will meet SpeakWrite expectations? (Please remember that the SpeakWrite designation is at the course level rather than at the individual section level.)
  • QUESTIONS 4: Do you want to provide any other context that may be helpful to the review?
Step 2. Attach a highlighted syllabus in Word. Please use the following checklist.
  1. Include at least one communication skills goal
  2. Use the yellow highlighter function in Word to draw attention to SpeakWrite activities
  3. Highlight where/how students receive feedback and opportunities to improve
  4. Highlight the grade percentages associated with SpeakWrite activities (totaling a third or more of the final grade)
  5. Remind your students of support available to them through the Writing Studio.
  6. Use the PACT graphic and/or the four key PACT questions related to purpose, audience, conventions, and trouble spots. SpeakWrite courses strive to develop a common language to help students analyze many of the writing and speaking situations that they will encounter in their classes, in their work, and in their community. We are hoping that the PACT graphic will provide a visual cue.
Please find links to the graphics below. Try resizing the graphic to a one-inch height for easy integration.
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    SpeakWrite Syllabus Statement 

    We hope faculty will signal their commitment to fostering effective communication by including a syllabus statement.  Here is a sample statement for a SpeakWrite course that has a substantial speaking and/or writing component.  You are welcome to use this statement--or create your own version.

    • [Course name and number ] has been designated as a SpeakWrite course by the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences. This class is committed to fostering students’ abilities in writing, speaking, visual presentations, and multimedia communication. For resources, please visit SpeakWrite.wvu.edu. 
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    PACT Graphic & Sample Syllabi

    • Please try to include one of the PACT graphics to create a visual reminder of the common language we are hoping to develop across the college. Either graphic can be resized to a one-inch height:
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    Refer to a few sample syllabi (with SpeakWrite components highlighted in yellow) if you need ideas:
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    Additional Resources

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