SpeakWrite™ Certified Programs/Majors

When SpeakWrite courses constitute 50% or more of a graduating student's program of study,(typically six SpeakWrite courses among those required for the major), that program is eligible to be SpeakWrite Certified.

Students completing a SpeakWrite Certified Program will automatically meet the university's and college's effective communication skills requirement.
SpeakWrite Certified Programs will have a certification statement included on the major page in the catalog and students may also include a SpeakWrite statement on their résumés.  The following is a working sample of a catalog statement:

  • The Biology Bachelor of Arts is a SpeakWrite Certified Program™.  SpeakWrite Certified programs develop students' written, spoken, visual, and mediated communication skills.

 SpeakWrite™ Guidelines

A SpeakWrite™ certified program will include:
  1. A Program-wide Emphasis. SpeakWrite activities are meaningfully and intentionally embedded into half or more of the courses and curricula across the unit's major program(s) of study. Students are also familiar with PACT as a way to analyze purpose, audience, conventions, and trouble spots.
  2. Explicit Program Learning Outcome(s). The Program Learning Outcome Goals for the major (on which annual assessment activities are based) include at least one communication skills goal.
  3. A Connection to Assessment. Department-level assessment reports for a SpeakWrite-certified program annually include a measure of effective communication outcomes for students in the major (e.g., faculty-defined criteria used to assess a sampling of projects; collections of perceived learning based on surveys, focus groups, self-assessments, etc.).
Sample Program Applications.

 SpeakWrite™ Program Certification Process

Submit an application in Word to SpeakWrite@mail.wvu.edu.
  • Include the program name in the subject line (e.g. History BA Application for SpeakWrite Program Certification)
  • State the program learning outcome goal (or goals) for the major that explicitly references communication skills; this language probably exists already your department's annual assessment report.
  • Illustrate/describe how SpeakWrite approved courses constitute half or more of the courses in the program of study that students pursuing this degree will take before graduation.  To do this step, you might simply copy and paste text from the "Requirements and Catalog Information" box in the Undergraduate Catalog.  Please highlight SpeakWrite certified courses in yellow.
  • Identify at least one assessment measure that will help your program see how students are doing in achieving the program's effective communication goal(s). This is your starting point; your measures evolve from year to year.

 SpeakWrite Affiliated Major

Programs that do not seek or are not ready for SpeakWrite Program Certification may apply for SpeakWrite affiliation when they wish to:
  • endorse their commitment to SpeakWrite goals and guidelines
  • affirm that commitment through one or more Program Learning Outcome goals that explicitly references communication skills; and
  • require students to complete at least four SpeakWrite courses in the major (beyond ENGL 101 and 102, or ENGL 103), as designated in the pull-down menus in DegreeWorks.  One of the four additional courses may be the capstone course, assuming it has been SpeakWrite certified.
Contact SpeakWrite@mail.wvu.edu for more information.
Programs who are neither certified nor affiliated will need to specify at least two additional SpeakWrite Certified courses™ to complete the Writing and Communication Skills requirement.  Please complete the following statements and submit to Valerie.Lastinger@mail.wvu.edu

  • [Name of major] students complete the Writing and Communication Skills requirement by completing ENGL 101 and 102 (or 103) and two of the following SpeakWrite Certified Courses™:  XXXX 234,  XXXX  345, XXXX 456, XXXX 457, XXXX 458.