Colson Hall on the Downtown Campus

Hours & Location

Fall and Spring Hours:
  • Monday-Thursday, 10– 5
  • Friday, 10-3
  • Please look online or call for summer hours
  • Colson Hall on the downtown campus (lower level, Room G02)
  • Call 304.293.5788 to schedule an appointment
  • OR stop by G02 Colson (lower level)
  • OR visit the Eberly Writing Studio webpage and schedule an appointment online.

    Connect with the Eberly Writing Studio

    The partnership between faculty members and the Writing Studio is vital. Faculty are our best advocates.  Thank you for recommending the Writing Studio to undergraduate and graduate students at all skill levels.

    Our mission is to help the students who meet with us become increasingly more effective and independent writers and thinkers. This means that we do not proofread papers for students. Primarily, a writing consultation provides students with opportunities for thinking critically and responsibly about the choices they make as writers.  We teach strategies that allow students to edit and proofread their own work. Successful writing, as we all know, takes time and practice. 

    In addition to recommending one-to-one writing consultations to students, we invite you to consider the following options.

    Invite an Eberly Writing Consultant to Your Class 

    To help your students feel more at ease talking with others about their works in progress, you may invite one of our consultants to give a ten-minute presentation to your class. We’ll provide all the essential details about the Studio and invite students to ask questions about how we can meet their individual needs. You can request a visit at any point in the semester; we recommend scheduling these visits either early in the semester or near the time when you distribute a significant writing assignment.

    Tell Your Classes about the Eberly Writing Studio

    If you would like to encourage your students to use the Eberly Writing Studio, feel free to include the following paragraph in your syllabi or as the basis for an announcement in class:

    SpeakWrite Consulting Services. For more information about writing and presentation support offered through the SpeakWrite Studio or to make an appointment, call 304.293.5788 or visit the Eberly Writing Studio website at, or stop by G02 Colson Hall (lower level).

    Nominate Students to become Eberly Writing Consultants

    Eberly Writing Studio Consultants are talented undergraduate and graduate students from across the university. We welcome faculty recommendations of strong writers in any discipline. Between four and eight undergraduate consultants and 1-2 graduate consultants are selected each year through a competitive process that includes faculty recommendations and an interview.

    Specific requirements for undergraduate consultants include:
    • 28 completed credit hours
    • A grade of “A” or proficiency credit in English 102, English 103, or the equivalent
    • An overall GPA of at least 3.5 
    Specific requirements for graduate-level consultants include:
    • Full-time graduate student status with at least two years of completed coursework at the graduate level 
    • Strong writing abilities
    • Strong organizational and interpersonal skills
    • A minimum GPA of 3.7 and no incompletes on file
    • Prior experience teaching writing in some context (e.g., as a classroom teacher, as a tutor, or as an assistant for projects with a significant writing component such as research lab reporting, grant writing, information literacy, etc.
    Candidates will find application forms on the Eberly Writing Studio page.

    Get Feedback on Your Assignments

    Get feedback on your assignment descriptions from the audience for your document: students! Specially trained Writing Studio consultants will give you a realistic picture of how students are likely to read and interpret your assignment sheets. If you submit your writing assignment for feedback, we will always try to respond within two working days.  If we anticipate needing more time during busy periods in the Writing Studio, we will let you know when you can expect a response. Open this file for more information about how to get feedback from a Writing Studio consultant.
    Thanks to the Vanderbilt Writing Studio for their generous help as we developed this page.