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Questions related to purpose, audience, conventions, and trouble spots (PACT) can apply to any class. Those core questions are at the heart of the SpeakWrite™ initiative.

Several Eberly College undergraduate programs are SpeakWrite Certified. SpeakWrite Certified Programs incorporate and develop students’ written, verbal, visual, and mediated communication skills in coursework across the curriculum. Students completing majors in SpeakWrite Certified Programs automatically fulfill the WVU General Education Foundations (GEF) writing and communication skills requirement.

Students completing Eberly College programs that do not carry SpeakWrite Certification fulfill the writing and communication skills requirement by completing ENGL 101 and 102 (or 103), and a minimum of two additional program-designated SpeakWrite Certified courses. 

A SpeakWrite™ Advisory Board guides the initiative and includes faculty representatives from SpeakWrite-certified programs that represent the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Sciences.

The Advisory Board provides feedback on course and program proposals, faculty development plans, and project-based activities that underscore the importance of effective communication skills.

The side bar menus provide links to faculty resources to support curriculum, program, and faculty development.