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SpeakWrite-Certified Majors

SpeakWrite™-certified programs emphasize writing and presentation abilities as an essential companion to learning about specific fields of study. Students completing majors in SpeakWrite Certified™ Programs automatically fulfill the WVU General Education Foundations (GEF) writing and communication skills requirement. 

Graduates of SpeakWrite™ programs should be able to manage, apply, analyze, and convey information in a number of context.  The following majors are all SpeakWrite™-certified:

  1. Biology B.A. (initially certified in 2015)
  2. Biology B.S. (initially certified in 2015)
  3. Communication Studies B.A. (initially certified in 2015; recertified in 2020)
  4. English B.A. (initially certified in 2015; recertified in 2021)
  5. Forensic & Investigative Science B.S. (initially certified in 2015; recertified in 2018)
  6. Forensic Chemistry B. S. (initially certified in 2018)
  7. History B.A. (initially certified in 2018)
  8. Philosophy B.A (initially certified in 2016)
  9. Psychology B.A. (initially certified in 2015; recertified in 2021)
  10. Psychology B.S. (initially certified in 2015; recertified in 2021)
  11. World Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics B.A. (initially certified in 2015; recertified in 2021)
  12. Women's and Gender Studies B.A. (certified in 2017)