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Teaching Exchange

We invite faculty members from across the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences to  share ideas for integrating speaking and writing into the curriculum. How do you use PACT when you teach?


  • Download a SpeakWrite Syllabus Template. This Word file includes the PACT graphic and questions as part of your syllabus. It also suggests some content you are welcome to use or adapt. Change the sample text to reflect your own teaching practices and course content.
  • Partner with the Writing Studio. The Writing Studio can provide instructors with:
    • 10-minute classroom visits. One of our peer consultants will provide information about the Studio and answer your students' questions about how the Studio can meet their individual needs.
    • Instructor Feedback on Assignments. Why not get feedback on your assignment descriptions from the audience for your document: students! Specially trained Writing Studio consultants will give you a realistic picture of how students are likely to read and interpret your assignment sheets.
What would you like to see on this page?  We welcome your suggestions.  Please contact Laura Brady, SpeakWrite director.