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The SpeakWrite™ Mission:

Guide effective communication across disciplines with a common framework of questions.


  1. Use questions related to purpose, audience, conventions, and trouble spots (PACT) to guide effective speaking and writing.
  2. Use the PACT framework to analyze and explain how a communication has succeeded or failed.  
  3. Use the PACT framework to connect learning across different courses, disciplines, and communication contexts.


    • SpeakWrite™ Courses emphasize effective written or spoken communication skills.  
    • SpeakWrite™ Programs (across the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Sciences) require significant writing or speaking assignments in over half the courses within their respective majors
    • SpeakWrite™ students learn PACT (purpose, audience, conventions, and trouble) to analyze communication in a wide range of situations.

    Relation to General Education Foundations (GEF) Writing and Communication Requirement:
    Students completing majors in SpeakWrite Certified™ Programs automatically fulfill the WVU General Education Foundations (GEF) writing and communication skills requirement.

    Students completing Eberly College programs that do not carry SpeakWrite Certification fulfill the writing and communication skills requirement by completing ENGL 101 and 102 (or 103), and a minimum of two additional program-designated SpeakWrite Certified courses.